7 Reasons Customers Call 123LumpSum for Cash

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In tough economic times, a structured settlement or annuity does not always provide the cash flow necessary to keep up with inflation and other rapidly rising bills. Everyone has their own unique situation; however there are some common themes as to individuals need to sell. Here are the 7 top reasons why customers call 123LumpSum to sell their structured settlement or annuity for fast cash.

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Fallen Behind on Mortgage Payments                

In a downturned economy many individuals find themselves behind on the basic necessities; this often includes their mortgage payments. Having a structured settlement or annuity does not provide a lump sum of cash to catch up on the payments. Selling the structured payment can help keep the family home out of foreclosure.

Car Needs

Some individuals are badly in need of a new car but either cannot get or do not wish to have a car loan. Others do not need a car but have a desire to own a new car. Either way selling a settlement or annuity can get individuals the fast cash they need to purchase the car that is needed or desired.

Long-Term Unemployment

One of the biggest economic problems in the world today is unemployment. The unemployment rate is soaring; many are unemployed for a year or even longer. Many more are underemployed. Cashing in a structured payment can provide the funds needed for a long-term unemployment after unemployment insurance runs out.

College Education Expenses

With college tuition now rising at a faster rate than inflation, the average college graduate will be paying off student loans until about retirement age. This is providing only the minimum payment is made. Paying cash upfront will save years of interest and headache. It also frees up more of the adult financial life to spend your money how you want rather than paying student loans.

Unexpected Medical Expenses

Even the healthiest could be faced with a medical tragedy at any given moment. Sickness could be faced; however, other issues such as a bad car accident could leave an individual or family faced with a pile of unexpected medical bills. Even those with the best medical insurance coverage could find the co-pays and deductibles more than they are able to pay.

Investment Opportunities

Placing your money in a bank savings or Certificate of Deposit account no longer makes you money the way it used to. With less than one percent interest on the majority of accounts, many people are looking for other ways to have their money make more money. When the right investment opportunity comes along, a stack of cash will help seal the deal and make a decent return on investment possible.


Whether you are employed full time, a stay at home mom, or retired working around the house, the pace of today’s lifestyle leaves everyone exhausted and ready for a much deserved vacation. Selling a structured settlement or annuity frees up the money to pay upfront and reduced the stress of owing a credit card or other loan type.

Do you see yourself in one of the above-mentioned scenarios? Or do you have a different reason that you need fast cash? If so, contact 123LumpSum for a quick cash settlement for your structured settlement or annuity. No matter what your situation, call today and put your financial stress to rest.


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