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If you are receiving money from a structured settlement on a monthly basis but feel that it is not enough to really make a change in your life, then maybe it’s time to consider cashing it out. Turning your structured settlement payments into cash can free up the worry of your day to day life. Reduce your credit card debt or medical expenses, and pursue your dreams; sell your structured settlement payments to 123 Lump Sum and start living better today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Structured Settlements


How do I sell my settlement payments?

Most people waiting on settlement payments need the extra cash but aren’t aware of the legal option to sell their settlement payments, nor how to go about doing it. Selling settlement payments is in fact a legal and involves court approval before any final transaction may be processed.

At 123 Lump Sum, we have a dedicated team of highly qualified experts that will work with you to help determine which options are best for you. We make sure that our clients fully understand the steps involved with the settlement process and help evaluate an expected outcome. Contact 123 Lump Sum today for a free consultation with one of our experts.


How long will it take to sell my payments?

Every settlement case is different and expected time frames may vary depending on the type, which can make it difficult to determine an exact amount of time processing may take. However, our expert team will work directly with you and all interested parties to facilitate the process and ensure that it is handled efficiently and as quickly as possible so that you may receive your cash fast.

It’s important to keep in mind and understand that all settlement payment procedures must go through court in order for a transaction to be legally authorized and finalized; this process may sometimes take as much as 60 to 90 days, depending on the case. If funding is needed prior to the finalization of the settlement, 123 Lump Sum will work with you to provide an advance on your funding to help you meet any necessary obligations.


What fees are involved in selling settlement payments?

Settlement payment procedures incur legal fees among other charges associated
with these sort of transactions. However, all fees that are implied are deducted from the lump sum payment total; no fees are charged upfront.

Our specialized team of experts make sure that all clients are made aware of any possible fees that may be implied and help determine how much it may affect the final total of the lump sum payment transaction.


What can I use the proceeds for?

Structured settlements are designed to help people meet their financial obligations on a periodic basis. Selling all or a portion of your settlement payments can help you get your cash fast, in one total lump sum. Click here to explore the endless opportunities that a lump sum payment can provide with to help you reach your financial goals and change your life experience.

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